Android Messages Might Shortly Get Google Assistant

Android Messages Might Shortly Get Google Assistant

The track record of Google for messaging apps has not been good so far. The firm’s Allo and Hangouts have not yet been precisely a hit in the industry. On the other hand, Android Messages application is the one that is almost certainly there is a number of smartphones these days. The application is now attaining AI integration, as per a report. As cited by the media, Android Messages might soon get Google Assistant support.

The search behemoth has not yet verified it but the code discovered by one of the developers within the application strongly suggests the forthcoming incorporation. The developer was also capable of running the Assistant in the application, screenshots of which can be seen online.

It has been cited that Google Assistant will operate in the same fashion similar to how it does in Allo. On the other hand, the feature appears to be restricted. The AI will be restricted to recommending nearby venues, restaurants, and will suggest consumers what to reply.

Speaking of Google Assistant, back in 2016, Sony launched a new smart light that had motion, humidity, temperature, and luminance detectors, in addition to memory card slot, an infrared controller, speaker, and microphone. It really was the light that performs it all, and it is very customizable, which means you can order it to do pretty much anything you wish it to. Since then, Sony has declared more integration for the Multifunctional Light. Recently, the firm has declared that the device compatible with Google Assistant. The updates will begin rolling this month.

Once the incorporation is live, you will be capable of controlling select processes with your voice for the Multifunction Light. You will be capable of adjusting lighting color and brightness, turning on lights, and more. The light is presently well-matched with Amazon’s Alexa.

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